Service and Maintenance

Complete care packages which consists of canopy and duct cleaning, filter changes and service and replacement of parts.

Service and Maintenance

Partridge Ventilation Service and Maintenance department deals with the service, maintenance & deep clean of commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

We offer all our clients our complete care package which consists of canopy and duct cleaning, filter changes and service and replacement of parts.

Partridge Ventilation are supported by their specialist Service and Maintenance division providing deep clean and sanitisation of kitchen ventilation systems together with their associated plant, equipment and integrated systems.

All works are carried out by our in-house maintenance specialists. Site attendance times are booked to suit our clients. Many of our clients operate extended working hours. We work with you to attend when your kitchen operation is least affected.

What our services include

  • The deep clean and sanitising of kitchen ventilation systems

  • Sound level readings before and after to ascertain bearing failure

  • Airflow readings before and after cleaning to ascertain if fans are starting to fail

  • Photographs before and after for insurers proof of cleanliness for the client and insurance providers.

  • Cleaning of gas interlock pressure switch pipes

  • On completion of works we will issue a ‘certificate of cleanliness’

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A private limited company, established in 2010, Partridge Ventilation Service and Maintenance Limited provides continued client peace of mind by offering service agreements tailored to suit the Clients requirements while ensuring adherence to the up to date statutory requirements and approved codes of practice.

The company ideology is focused upon project delivery and client satisfaction. This has enabled the company to engage in long term partnerships with prominent local and national firms. The company’s strength is in the exceptional level of service it provides and the way that we integrate with the client team.