Recirculation Canopy

Our revolutionary recirculation unit extracts the fumes, grease and odour into our bespoke filtration tower.

About our Recirculation Canopy

The extracted air passes through 8 forms of filtration, then exits through the front of the canopy back into the kitchen space via various grille options, fully filtered. We can even site the filtration tower remotely if space is tight on the cook line.

Product Features

  • Faster installation

  • No builders works holes for duct penetrations required

  • Unit can be self-supporting

  • Integral lighting included

  • Full service and maintenance contracts available in-house

  • No need for external ducts removing the need for planning permission and possible delays

  • 1 x 3Ph 16amp electrical connection, reducing the cost for M&E works

  • Unit delivered in sections to enable access to tight areas and assembled on site

  • Enables clients to install kitchens where they are not possible with conventional ventilation systems

Recirculation Canopy Drawing
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Note: The unit is only suitable for Electric equipment. We also recommend the kitchen space is fitted with air conditioning to ensure kitchen temperatures are kept within comfortable levels. We can supply and install. Contact us for details and costs.

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